What Characteristics Does A Cane Corso Have?

    • Life expectancy: 10 – 12 years 
    • Adult weight: 85 – 100 lbs. 
    • Adult height: 30 – 35 in. 
    • Origin – Italy

    The descendants of Roman war dogs, Cane Corsos, are a mastiff-type dog breed that originated in Italy. Developed initially to guard property and hunt big game, this large dog now plays the role of being an excellent family companion, perfectly. But be aware, that these muscular, robust, highly energetic dogs can easily become bored if they are not given a task to keep them busy. And bored dogs get into trouble. A bored Cane Corso may display behaviors like running around the house, barking at strangers, and chewing on furniture.

    Cane Corsos are typically not among the most happy and bubbly pets. They are more severe and typically less interested in making friends outside their family. While these dogs can be trained, a firm hand would be needed to make any progress in training.

    Cane Corsos are cousins of Neapolitan Mastiffs, an even larger and taller breed of mastiff. ‘Cane’ is Latin for dogs and ‘Corso’ comes from ‘Cohors’ or ‘Corsus,’ meaning bodyguard or sturdy and robust in Italian. While Cane Corsos are described as dogs with vigorous temperaments, they are reliably docile and affectionate towards their families. They are also highly intelligent but may have a bossy attitude.

    According to VCA Animal Hospitals, Cane Corsos are prone to eyelid problems like Cherry Eye, Entropion, and Ectropion. As a giant breed, with a deep chest, they can also be prone to gastric bloat. Potential buyers should check with breeders that neither of their puppy’s parents has ever developed demodectic mange, a condition caused by a mite that lives on all dogs. How much does a cane corso cost? Continue reading below to learn more. 

    What Is The Price Of A Cane Corso?

    The cost of bringing a Cane Corso home will include its purchase or adoption price, the initial cost of puppy supplies, and other expenses that may come up over the lifetime of this dog breed. We will break down the price by categorizing it by initial buying or adoption costs, vaccinations, diets, healthcare, grooming, and miscellaneous expenses. We hope you will find this breakdown helpful as you decide if a Cane Corso is the right pet for you.

    Buying: $1000 – $2000

    The cost of a Cane Corso with a healthy body and good pedigree could be about $900-$1500 if you choose to purchase your puppy from a breeder. Cane Corso puppy prices can be even higher, around $1500-$2000, depending on some factors like the pet’s age, coat color, and the location of the breeder. A Blue Cane Corso can be priced even higher still, at around $4,000. Similarly, a white Cane Corso that is very much in demand could cost you upwards of $3,500. Adult male dogs will be comparatively cheaper than female puppies in this case. Gray Cane Corso’s can be priced the highest at around $6,000 in comparison to a dog with a chestnut coat, which could cost around $1500.

    If you are looking for Cane Corso puppies for under $500, adoption could be a great option for you. You can find several reputable and accredited organizations that can help you find a Cane Corso puppy to adopt. For example, Adopt a pet or Cane Corso Rescue Inc., are just two of a variety of organizations where you can apply for adoption. Generally, this could cost around $300, a fee that generally covers the expenses incurred by the shelter to care for the dog before its adoption.

    What Are The Monthly Costs of Owning A Cane Corso?
    Diets: $80-$100

    These are heavy dogs, with both males and females potentially weighing over 100 pounds as adults. To keep these dogs at a healthy weight, they will need about 5 cups of high-quality, vet-recommended kibble per day which could cost around $80-$100 depending on the type of dog food you choose for your pet. Some pet parents also choose to add supplements to their pet’s diet along with fruits and vegetables. Just a note here, these additions can be very nutritious but also increase the cost of feeding your pet and are not necessities.

    Grooming: $40-$50

    Corso dogs have a double-layered coat that sheds throughout the year. Regular brushing can help keep the house clean and hair-free. If you choose to groom your dog at home, the cost of a hairbrush can be around $20. Also, once-a-month bathing, twice-a-month nail trimming, and ear and teeth cleanings are highly recommended. Additional supplies to groom your dog can include nail trimmers and a dental cleaning kit. Overall, these items could cost around $20-$30.

    Medical Costs: $500-$700

    During the first year, it is recommended your Cane Corso see their vet 3-4 times. Vet fees can range from $100 to $300 and often include services like annual wellness exams and blood tests, among other recommended preventive care treatments. Other examinations and tests could cost an additional $300-$400.

    Like all breeds, Cane Corso’s are at risk for developing certain health conditions throughout their lifetimes. Due to their high activity levels, common conditions for this breed to experience include hip and elbow dysplasia. Their large, deep chest is also susceptible to bloating, which can be life-threatening in severe cases. Other general diseases like ear infections and skin diseases could develop and should be checked regularly. The treatment for these conditions could cost, on average:

    Hip or elbow dysplasia – $2500-$3000

    Bloating – $2000-$5000

    Skin infections – $150-$200

    Entertainment costs: $10-$20

    To help curb your furbaby’s boredom, try to make sure they have a variety of toys to play with. It is also possible that a toy you got just yesterday is now altogether a different shape because your Cane Corso put it to good use. With a Cane Corso in your life, you may find yourself regularly refilling the toy and chewies basket! This cost could range from $10-$20 per month.

    What Are The One-Time Costs of Owning A Cane Corso?

    Initial Costs: $500-$550

    Your Corso pup will need an ID tag, crate, carrier, food, and water bowls, a leash or two, collars, and a big bed that they can grow into. Purchasing these initial items could cost about $400.

    Vaccinations: $250-$300

    There are certain core vaccinations that a Cane Corso would need. These include distemper, parvovirus, Adenovirus, type 1, Adenovirus, type 2, and rabies. All of these could cost you around $150-$200.

    There are also vaccinations that are not core vaccinations but are recommended by most vets for a Cane Corso. These include parainfluenza, Lyme disease, and leptospirosis. The cost of these vaccines can be around $130-$150.

    Microchipping: $50-$70

    The average cost of microchipping a dog is around $50 but can vary from state to state. If you also purchase a dog license, add an additional $10-$20 to your estimated cost. Spot Pet Insurance highly recommends that each and every pet parent make sure their pet is microchipped, as microchipping can help increase the chances of a lost pet being reunited with their family.

    What Are The Lifetime Cane Corso Expenses?

    With an initial purchase price of $2500, the cost of essential supplies, and other one-time and recurring costs, you could expect to spend around $20,000 on your Cane Corso throughout their lifetime. Adoption can help you save some money on the initial cost. Still, a pet insurance policy can help save you money on your pets covered medical expenses throughout their lifetime, especially the costs of treatments for diseases developed as your pet ages.

    Expert Insights from Spot

    When reviewing the most common claims submitted for Cane Corsos, one of our data analysts noticed an interesting trend: the average cost of a claim for a Cane Corso is 25% higher than the average claim price submitted to Spot. Here are a few of the most common conditions seen in Cane Corsos and their average costs for treatment:

    • Allergies – $283
    • Cherry eye – $987
    • Diarrhea or vomiting – $423
    • Ear infections – $372
    • Lameness – $730

    While not all Cane Corsos will develop these conditions during their lifetimes, pet parents should be aware of these potential health issues and take their pets to the vet regularly to help ensure the long-term health of their Cane Corsos.

    How Can Spot Pet Insurance Help?

    Spot accident & illness pet insurance plans offer a wide variety of coverages, from microchip implantation to surgeries and prescription food and supplements prescribed to treat your pet’s unexpected accidents and illnesses. (Prescription food and supplements used for general health or weight maintenance are not covered). For an extra cost, Spot dog insurance plans offer preventive care coverage add-ons to help cover the costs of certain routine vaccinations, annual wellness exams, and other preventive care treatments. You can view the add-on preventive care coverage options. Get in touch with Spot Pet Insurance to learn more!


    Firstly, due to their naturally strong personalities, Cane Corsos are not a very suitable option for first-time pet owners. Second, they would need a big house with access to a large lawn or access to a park where they can walk and run around to stimulate them and use up their physical and mental energy.

    If you are able to provide the environment they need, then you’re in for a treat. These huge, strong, and sturdy dogs have a lot of love to offer, and their protective instincts can go a long way in making their families feel protected. If you bring a Cane Corso into your home, we are confident you will find that they are well worth it! And anyway, you can worry less about the medical expenses knowing Spot plans can help cover up to 90% of your eligible vet bills. So don’t wait any longer; go and bring your Cane Corso home!

    How Much Does a Cane Corso Cost?

    Happy Pet Parenting to You, and Lots of Love to Your Pup!

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