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How long do cats live? And some are effective in lengthening their lifespan.


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Cats have always been popular, and for a good reason: They’re adorable and love to play. But one thing you may not know about cats is that they have a lifespan that ranges from 10 to 14 years. In addition, there are ways to lengthen your cat’s lifespan, which we will explore in this article. Even if your cat doesn’t live as long as some longer-living breeds, it’s still important to provide them with the best possible environment for their health and well-being. Following some tips in this article can help how long do cats live longer and healthier life.

The Average Life Span of a Cat

According to the ASPCA, an average cat lives around 10 years. However, some cats can live up to 15 or even 20 years. Many things can prolong a cat’s life—including adopting one from a shelter or rescuing one in need. Cats who get regular exercise and have good nutrition are likely to live longer than those who don’t. Some people believe that keeping a cat indoors only leads to shortened lifespan due to a lack of physical activity.

The Top Five Causes of Death in Cats

Cats typically live around 10 years, though some may live up to 20 years or more. There are a variety of causes of death in cats, but the five most common are cancer, neoplasia (a tumor), heart disease, infectious diseases (viral and bacterial), and accidents/injuries. Many of these can be prevented by taking care of your cat’s health and providing them with the best possible environment.

Ways to Keep a Cat Healthy and Happy

There are many ways to keep your cat healthy and happy, but some of the most important things you can do are provide regular veterinary care and feed them a balanced diet. Keep your cat indoors to reduce exposure to potential health problems and parasites like worms. Some activities that can keep your cat entertained and mentally stimulated include playing with them, giving them toys to keep them active, creating a designated “cat area” where they can roam free, and providing plenty of fresh water and proper food. Proper hygiene is also influential for keeping cats healthy—regularly disinfect surfaces they soil and get their nails clipped periodically to prevent them from scratching furniture or walls.

How to increase the life span of a cat

You can do a few things to increase your cat’s life span. Feed them a healthy diet, keep them clean, and give them plenty of room to play. You can also help by adopting a senior cat from a shelter or rescue group. Older cats have longer lifespans due to their low-stress levels and fewer health difficulties.

Affective ways to increase

There are several ways you can increase the lifespan of your cat. Some of these things, like providing them with good nutrition and plenty of exercise, are critical for any pet, but they can also significantly affect cats. Others, like using specific medications or treatments, may only be available to those with special training or access to specialized equipment.

Here are some effective ways to increase the lifespan of your cat:

1. Provide them with a good diet. Cats need a high-quality diet to stay healthy and happy, and a well-balanced diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids can help lengthen their lifespan.

2. Get them regular exercise. A daily stroll around the block is great for humans, and it’s even better for cats! Exercising gives them something to do (and it helps keep their weight stable), plus it keeps their heart rate elevated, which can improve their overall health.

3. Keep their environment clean and tidy. Cleaning your cat’s litter box regularly helps remove potential sources of infection and ensure they have a clean place to rest; also, ensure there’s enough food and water in their home, so they’re never without anything they require.

4. Use specific medications or treatments as needed. Certain medications or treatments may only be available through specialist care or by following prescribed regimens; however, by using them as recommended, you’re helping to lengthen your cat’s lifespan.


There is no definitive answer to how long cats live, as this largely depends on various factors, including their diet and health. However, a study in the journal Science looked at several factors that could affect lifespan in cats and found that those living longest tended to have shorter coats, be less obese, and have higher levels of activity. While there is no guarantee that these factors will help your cat live longer, they may provide tips for keeping them healthy and reducing disease risk.



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