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Can Cats See in the Dark? Cat Night Vision truth


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Cats have long been considered the sultans of the animal kingdom. They’re Smart, Cuddly, and (most importantly) they can see in the Dark. Some might think: “But cat night vision is just a myth!” But is it really? Let’s take a look at some scientific evidence to find out. In this article, we will explore the topic of cat night vision and whether cats really can see in the Dark. We will discuss their eyesight, how they use their vision, and whether their night vision is as good as people think. So are cats actually able to see in the Dark? Or is this just another cat-related myth? Read on to find out for yourself!

What do cats need to see in the Dark?

Can cats see in the dark? Cats need to see in the Dark for several reasons. First, their eyes are adapted to low-light environments, so they can see better at night. Second, cats use their whiskers as a form of primary sight. Third, cats have extremely high levels of night vision because they have dichromatic (two-color) vision, which is more sensitive to dim light than humans. Finally, cats use auditory cues to navigate and hunt in the Dark.

How does cat night vision work?

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding cat night vision. In fact, cats have some of the best night vision among mammals! The way that cats see in the Dark is by using a combination of their eyes and their ears. Cats have a forward-facing eye positioned close to the front of their head, so they can see well in front of them. They also have a large ear canal that helps them to hear well in the Dark.

While it’s not as good as human night vision, cat night vision is still better than most animals. Their eyesight allows them to see up to about 60 feet (ca. 18 m) in the Dark, while their hearing allows them to detect sounds up to 18 inches (ca. 46 cm) away. Because cats are ambush predators, they are skilled at hunting in the Dark.

Best practices for keeping your cat safe at night

Most cats can see fairly well in the Dark, although their night vision is not as good as humans. Here are some best practices for keeping your cat safe at night:

1) Keep windows and doors closed when your cat is inside. This will help to keep them from getting out and being outside during the nighttime hours.

2) Make sure there are no loose objects nearby that could be a potential hiding spot for your cat. This includes any furniture or other objects in the room and any bushes or trees.

3) If you have a yard, ensure to fence it if your cat is allowed outside. This will help to keep them from straying too far away and potentially getting lost during the night.

4) Always provide fresh water and food bowls when your cat is indoors, and ensure they are always kept clean. This will help to ensure they have plenty of sustenance to stay healthy during their nighttime hours.


As much as we humans love cats, it can be surprising to learn that some of their abilities are superhuman. For example, did you know that cats can see in the Dark better than humans? And whether they’re hunting or playing, cats use their night vision skills to stay safe and undetected. So next time your cat ventures into the Dark – don’t be too surprised if she seems a little smarter than you!



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